Busójárás at Mohács

This semester, the Cultural Adventures series will continue, with the first stop being the Mohács Busójárás.

Date of the event: 2/21/2023

Planned programme:

  • 12.30 Departure from the Library and Knowledge Centre parking lot
  • 13.30 Guided tour at the Mohács National Monument
  • 14.30 Free program – carnival in the streets of the town:
    • 14.30 Departure of the groups of Busos along the main street to Széchenyi Square
    • 16.30 “Buso” and “Sokaclány” on the stairs of the Town Hall
    • 16.30 Zora folk dance group on the Széchenyi Square stage
    • 17.30 Bonfire and coffin burning with the Buso Club on Széchenyi Square
    • 18.00 Dance with the Busos on Széchenyi Square
  • 19.00 Meeting at the bus stop, departure home

Tickets are available at:

Central Customer Services Office (of the Center for Student Services – Pécs, Vasvári Pál str. 4., 7622)

Fee: 2000 HUF / participant

Tickets are available from 01/02/2023

Details of the event:
The program includes the transportation to Mohács by bus and the visit of the Mohács National Memorial Site with a tour guide. Participants can visit the Busójárás independently, we can provide preliminary recpmmendations regarding the programs.

Participation is at the student’s own risk, and by paying the participation fee, the student accepts and acknowledges that he/she is fully responsible for any damage caused.

Further information on Busójárás: https://www.mohacsibusojaras.hu/

Come and bury the winter with us! 😊