Sources of inspiration: my favourite YouTube channels (so far)

I believe every single human being needs inspiration in different moments of life. Sometimes for getting an assignment done – if you’re a student, other times to prepare a good and nutritious meal, and so on.

Although YouTube is almost 20 years old, I probably became a heavy user of it in 2020 – yeah, during that terrifying moment in modern history. It all started with me searching for yoga tutorials and then looking for videos about wellness and so on, and so on. I am currently a huge fan of vlogs – I actually search for them usually using keywords (place, adjectives etc).

The videos I watch vary but I do believe I’ve been on YouTube with such intensity because I need to be inspired every single day. I feel the urge to check other people’s lives – and perspectives! – not only because I am curious about how people live, but also because I want to get some elements from that: a fashion tip, a unique way to take a pic, a hack to study…

Well, I don’t think I should keep my source of inspiration just for myself. So, here are a simple – and kinda short – list of my favourite YouTube channels so far:

Nae (Berlin, Germany)

Nae is a photographer, producer and content creator currently living in Berlin. Her videos are about her life: personal growth, insecurities, places she’s been, people she’s met and much more. My favorite thing about her is that she emanates a calm energy, kinda “no-need-to-rush” vibe. 

I choose to watch Nae when I need a break, when I am overwhelmed. She’s been focusing on talking about her struggles and, for me, it feels like we’re friends chatting in the kitchen. It’s easy to relate to her because her feelings and “stresses” are universal. Nae reminds me that we’re all humans, trying to do our best, even when times are difficult or challenging.

UnJaded Jade (countryside of England)

Jade Bowler is a nerd and she is proud of it! Her videos are mostly about her life as a Minerva student. She’s been to many places and her videos document the changes she had been through – and the ones she’s been through. I really like to watch her videos when I feel I need to get things done – usually, when I want to be more organized with my academic life. Her vibe is something else! She is currently back home, in England, and recently graduated!

If you enjoy videos focused on academic life, UnJaded Jade is a good channel for you! Jade also encourages the balance between academic life and other aspects of life, e.g., friends, relationship, self-care.

Helena Sanches (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Helena is a booktuber and one of the reasons I love her is that she uses a tiny microphone to record the audio for her videos!!! A silly fact but it brings me joy everytime I see the tiny mic. She’s Brazilian, born and raised in Rio. I usually watch her videos for fun and also to see what’s up in the world of literature. Whenever I want to start reading something, I go to one of her TBRs and check if there is something that attracts me.

She is currently trying to vlog more, showing the audience how’s life during her week – the internship, the reading routine, hobbies etc.

You can expect honest reviews of the books she’s read and of course, be prepared to start making your reading list longer and longer.

Sarah Anthony (England)

Sarah Anthony is an English illustrator and animator who decided to create a YouTube channel where she’s been posting videos which are “inspired by books, nature, art and all things cozy” since February. I found her channel while searching for vlogs and I loved it!

The videos are short, which for me is the perfect length! She’s an introvert so most of her videos are indoors. If you like calming videos and are into books, Sarah’s channel is the perfect place for you!

These four creators are my favourite youtubers and the ones I constantly check. However, I also like to see what’s up with MoyaLeah and Hitomi.

That’s it! I hope you find them inspirational and if not, I hope you can, at least, feel joy – or any good feeling – while watching their videos!

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