Trip to Osijek

The programme includes a bus trip to Osijek and a guided entrance ticket to the Museum of Slavonia.

Planned programme:
8.30 Departure from the Library and Knowledge Centre parking lot – please arrive at 08.15
10.30 Expected arrival in Eszék/Osijek
11:00 Free museum visit (Museum of Slavonia)
12:30-15:00 Free programme, lunch individually
15:00 Departure for the Kopácsi Rét
15:30-18:30 Free programme, or optional programmes depending on the weather
19:00 Departure for Pécs – please arrive at 18.50
Arrival in Pécs is expected between 21:30-22:00
⛴️ The trip includes an optional programme, a boat trip, but this must be paid for on the spot due to limited seating. This costs around €10 per person.